Thanks for visiting! Launch Empowerment Mentoring (LEM) is a support service specializing in individuals and their families struggling with:

  • brain injury
  • trauma/PTSD
  • mental health
  • learning disability
  • developmental disability
  • Abiding by the belief that we each hold our tools for success within, LEM guides clients along a journey of self-discovery and realization. Introspection and exploration are used as tools to support clients in harnessing their personal strengths and enhancing their performance throughout all areas of life.


    Ben Luskin, certified Life Coach, Peer Support Specialist, and brain injury survivor, works with clients in their homes, communities, and other settings. Known for his ability to reach those that resist more traditional services, he offers long-term recovery guided by clients' aspirations. Sessions focus on assisting clients in achieving and maintaining fulfilling lifestyles and may consist of rehabilitation work as well as new systems development. The first thing Ben does is meet clients at their launching point. He strives to understand their many strengths and passions. Using this information, he works with them to identify personal, social, and vocational goals that suit their unique interests. He assists them in realizing lifestyles complimentary of those goals, and provides a strong base of support as they encounter challenge and experience triumph. Call Ben now to schedule a free thirty-minute consultation and learn more about how his services can benefit you!

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    Benjamin Luskin, CPC, PSS - Certified Life Coach - Eugene, OR Call 541-999-1217 for a Free Consultation

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